We, at Cion, are committed to delivering exceptional quality and value. Transform your space with us today.

Custom House Design

Experience your dream home with Cion’s integrated design. We bring together builders, architects, and your vision for exceptional results. Trust us to surpass expectations, blending functionality and aesthetics to reflect your unique style.

Interior Design Consultations

Bring your vision to life with our tailored designs. Our experienced team considers functionality, aesthetics, balance, lighting, texture, and value optimization. We seamlessly integrate with builders and architects to deliver personalized spaces that reflect your style and enhance property value.

Home Renovation

From whole home to kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations, our dedicated team brings your vision to life. Trust Cion to transform your home.

Project Management

Our project management team ensures a seamless and successful outcome. We handle permits, contractors, and all details. Effective planning, communication, skilled team management, and adaptable problem-solving guarantee on-time completion and budget adherence.

Cost Estimation Services

Our cost estimation services empower realtors pursuing the BRRR strategy. With accurate estimates, we enable confident property investment evaluations and informed decisions. Integrated into our comprehensive rehab service, our expertise maximizes the potential of the BRRR strategy.

Home Staging Services

Offer professional home staging to help realtors showcase properties in the best light possible. This can include staging consultations, furniture rental, and setting up personalized staging environments tailored to the target demographic.

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